Charisfoundation is a vision from God to us to work among the people who are in need of spiritual, physical and financial help. It main focuses on the Children who are dwelling among the slums and provide them with basic education and share God'd love with them and to see them Grow in the Love of Christ.

Along with working among the Children, God shared His love and opened doors towards the parents of these Children. so with help of His spirit we are also working among the Women and the Men of these people who are under the poverty line. Sharing and making them understand the worth which they in the eyes of Lord Jesus Christ.

We share the Good News which is the unique changing power for all manking and bringing people closer to His Love. We share the "Finished Work" for Christ, which He proclaimed from the Cross more that 2000 years ago, which brought and made a way for all human who believes in His son's sacrifice to enter and be part of the Kingdom of God.

"Come together we can share the Love of Jesus among them, which He first shared in our hearts"

"He who receives one of these little children in My Name, receives Me" Matt 9:37

This is what we are and what we want to be.
Charis means - Rejoice, joy, favour, acceptance, kindness, thanks, gratitude, "Grace"

Mission Statement

What are we doing We are working among slum and urban population, among CHILDREN, WOMEN and MEN Place & Population Gobi khet & Mahadebtala at Mominpore and Garia. Over 100,000 in Mahadebtala and Gobi Khet and over 200,000 in Garia

  • To develop their self esteem
  • To improve the living conditions and standards
  • To spread basic education
  • To provide training to Solve unemployment problems
  • To help to solve psychological and physical problems
  • Develop business
  • Develop our school

Childrens' Ministry

Children Ministry focuses on the Children who are dwelling among the slums and provide them with basic education and share God'd love with them and to see them Grow in the Love of Christ.

Their Problems
  • Uneducated
  • Dropouts
  • Lack of guidance
  • Health
  • Child labour
  • Lack of career counseling
  • Relationship issues

Once these children reach the age of adolescence, their problems grow more complicated as they become insecure having problems in attitude getting into wrong career counseling and wrong addictions such as smoking, alchohol and even to drugs.

What are we doing
  • School for under six and six plus till ten years
  • Mid day meal
  • Psychological help to them
  • Mothers meeting to help the children
  • Working to remove Child labour
  • Kids club for recreation
  • Teaching songs and drama
  • Organize functions in public places to encourage talent

Womens' Ministry

Women Ministry focuses on the Women who are dwelling among the slums. All of these women have their stories of fighting with life daily and bringing their children. We try making them educated and also teach them various hand skills so that they can earn by selling them. Also counsel them in family matters and deal with hard husbands.

Their Problems
  • Health and hygiene
  • Illiteracy
  • Unemployment
  • Unskilled
  • Social exploitation
  • Lack of knowledge about family planning
  • Unaware about their own children and their future
  • Old age problem
  • Relationship problem

What are we doing
  • Organized three workshops to train stitching. 39 women participated and received certificates from Korean stitching organization
  • Currently running workshops
  • We have two psychologists who are counseling them to overcome their psychological problems
  • Mothers meeting organized to educate mothers how to deal with their children

What can we do more
  • Market the products that they are making
  • Provide more training and materials and workshops
  • Health camp
  • Develop co-operative
  • Make them aware about their social responsibilities

Working with Men in Mominpur

Men Ministry focuses on the Men who are dwelling among the slums. To share with them the love of Christ. To bring them close to God and give them a whole new beginning in their life, which they have lost long time back.

What are we doing
  • Unemployment
  • Addiction
  • Lack of education
  • Relationship

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