About Charis

Our Mission Statement an Update
Mathew 6:10 says, "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on Earth, As it is in Heaven" Carrying this mission deep inside our heart, preaching to the people the Kingdom principles of Jesus.

This is what we are and what we want to be. Charis means - Rejoice, joy, favour, acceptance,kindness, thanks,gratitude, GRACE

What Are We Doing
We are working among slum and urban population, among CHILDREN, WOMEN and MEN.
Place: Gobi khet,Mahadebtala at Mominpore and Garia
Population: over 10,000 in Mahadebtala and Gobi Khet (our compassionate ministry,
Charisfoundation) and over 20,000 in Garia (our church ministry, Charisfellowship)


  • To preach the life changing Gospel
  • To develop their self esteem
  • To improve the living conditions and standards
  • To spread basic education
  • To provide training to Solve unemployment problems
  • To help to solve psychological and physical problems
  • Develop business
  • Develop our school

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About Charisfoundation

Join with us as we share the Love of God with the people of Kolkata and beyond, bringing people out of bondage of sin and sickness.
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About Charisfellowship

We welcome you to our worship and fellowship as we share our life and love in the community. Join us at Garia and Mominpur
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Find us on Facebook and keep checking with the latest happenings with Charis. Keep liking us in sharing this vision with people
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Keep updated

Always keep updated with our thoughts and prayers, as we share and keep writing in our blog and join us with prayers
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